Bike Safety

Prevents sudden Bike tire burstBike is a very necessary vehicle for us. We use bikes every day for various tasks. Through the bike we are benefited on the one hand as well as harmed a lot. Although in most cases we face losses due to our carelessness. One such thing is bike tire burst. Today we will know about what can be done to prevent sudden bike tire burst.Generally during summer when it is very hot and there is a lot of sun during most of the day, there is a possibility of bike tire burst. But we can reduce the risk as wellBangla....English
Highway Police advice on MotorcyclesA motorcycle is an easily accessible vehicle to go from one place to another quickly. Many people use motorcycles to avoid the trouble of the road and public transport. Be careful while driving this two-wheeler. Some extra precautions need to be taken especially when driving a motorcycle on the highway.If you do not follow the rules and regulations of the motorcycle on the highway, you can be in danger at any moment. Accidents can happen. So it is important to follow several precautions while riding a motorcycle. Through this, accidents and damages can be avoided or reduced.Here are some suggestionsBangla....English
Things to keep in mind while Riding a bike in Waterlogged streetRainy season has come. The problem of water accumulation on the road has also started. For those traveling on two-wheelers, standing water on the road can become very dangerous. So this time must keep some important things in mind.1. Check the tires and brakes of the bike once in a while if they are in good condition. If there is water on the road, it is difficult to understand the potholes.2. All the lights, indicators and switch gears of the bike should be checked whether they are working properly or not.3. Any exposed wires on the bike should be properlyBangla....English