Papers to keep with you while Riding a Motorcycle

Papers to keep with you while Riding a Motorcycle
Motorcycles are the only means of transportation for many of us. Many people use motorcycles to avoid the hassles of the road and public transport. But many people don't know that when they go out on the road with a motorcycle, they have to carry the necessary documents with them. We usually prepare the necessary documents after purchasing the motorcycle. It takes some time to get these documents. But the correct rule is to prepare these documents before buying the motorcycle.

Law and order forces have always been fulfilling their overall responsibility to create a beautiful environment in the country. The law is being tightened for this. So if you keep the necessary documents with you while riding the motorcycle, you can ride the bike without any harassment. Besides these papers ensure the safety of you and your motorcycle.

Let's take a look at the documents to carry while driving a motorcycle-

A driver must carry a license while riding a motorcycle. BRTA will not grant motorcycle registration if the buyer fails to submit proof of driving license at the time of motorcycle purchase. That is, if you buy a motorcycle without a driving license, both the driver and the motorcycle are illegal until you get the driving license. The police or any law enforcement agency can arrest you at any time.

Registration Number
Registration number is very important for hassle free motorcycle riding. The registration number confirms your ownership with the legal existence of the bike. If you ride a bike without registration, chances of getting into bike dumping are high.

Tax Token
The tax token is basically a permit to legally ride a bike on the roads of Bangladesh. Simply put it is a receipt of tax paid to the government for legally riding a bike for a certain period of time.

Insurance is a protection charm for bikes. According to Bangladesh law, bike insurance is mandatory to legally ride a bike on the road.

Along with these necessary documents there are some other things which are-

A helmet must be worn while riding a motorcycle. Wearing a helmet is very important to protect your head and protect yourself from insects and other things while riding a motorcycle. Wearing a helmet will keep you safe as well as avoid police hassles.

Full Dress
Full sleeves and full pants are mandatory while riding a motorcycle. Most traffic sergeants take a condescending view of this. However, to protect yourself and obey the rules, you should be fully clothed.

Shoes or Sneakers
It is mandatory to wear shoes or sneakers while riding a bike. Riding a bike wearing sandals is a legally punishable offence. You may face a lawsuit for not wearing these shoes or sneakers.

You must obey traffic laws and regulations for safe driving. Wear motorcycle safety gear for safety. Do not take undue risks while riding and consider your own safety as well as the safety of the people around you.