Any modifications to the Bike are illegal and prohibited

Any modifications to the Bike are illegal and prohibited
After buying a bike, many of us think about modifying it to make it more attractive. Again we modify many times. Minor changes may be made for maintenance or repair purposes, but major changes are not legal. Today we will know about the modifications that are illegal and prohibited on a bike.

1. After buying a bike, many of us change its color, exhaust notes, lights. This may make our bike more attractive than before. But this change becomes a risk factor for us because this kind of modification is against the traffic law. We may face lawsuits and fines for this.

2. The modifications we do to the bike which are prohibited by the traffic laws cost us a lot of money. When we are faced with traffic laws we have to change these modifications and bring them back to the previous position. In addition, fines are also charged. So, if you are thinking of bike modification, you have to shake it off your head now.

3. Many of us change the silencer of our bike. We change the silencer provided by the company with the bike and use a loud silencer. The noise generated by these loud silencers is a violation of traffic laws. So we have to refrain from modifying the bike by changing the silencer.

4. We often do various modifications on the number plate of the bike. Which is completely against the law. Certain rules are followed while manufacturing each vehicle number plate. If you change the style of the number plate in violation of these rules, you will face various problems. So the front, color and even design of the number plate should be avoided.

5. Although it is not illegal to change the color of the bike, it is better not to do it. The color of the bike can be changed as per the rules. But doing this is discouraged. Because stolen bikes are usually changed color and sold elsewhere. Moreover, the paper given as documents while buying the bike mentions the issue of color. So it is better not to change the color.

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